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Why Kienstra Ready-Mix Concrete was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Founded in the mid-1940s, Kienstra Ready-Mix Concrete is a fourth-generation family-owned company, supplying ready-mix concrete across the St. Louis regional area in Missouri and Illinois with over 20 plants in the St. Louis bi-state area. Its mission is to deliver a quality product at a fair price along with excellent service. The company launched a pilot of the SmartDrive® program in summer 2018, with the aim of exonerating drivers and reducing risks associated with operating vehicles in challenging construction environments. After recording extraordinary early results, leadership chose to cut short the pilot and roll out the SmartDrive program with Extended Recording across its entire fleet.

Why Leavitt’s Freight Service was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Part of Central Oregon Truck Company, a Daseke, Inc. operating company, Leavitt’s flatbed trailers transport utility poles and other long loads. Founded in 1958, the company serves customers across the continental U.S. and most Canadian provinces. The decision to adopt video-based safety was driven by Leavitt’s philosophy that driver safety is paramount.

“SmartDrive has further ingrained safety into our company culture and the results have validated it. Prior to SmartDrive, we were paying out on claims where we knew we should have been exonerated. During the July 2018 – Jun 2019 time period Leavitt’s Loss Ratio came in at 13% compared to the previous 4-year average of 135%—this is phenomenal.”

– Billy Dover, Senior Risk Manager, Leavitt’s Freight Service

Why Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Founded in 1897, Chamberlin provides professional building services that include commercial roofing and sheet metal; waterproofing and caulking; and building and restoration services for projects ranging from the aviation industry to high-rise commercial buildings. The specialty contractor decided to explore video-based safety programs to protect brand reputation after experiencing a dramatic increase in collisions caused by its drivers’ distracted driving.

Why the SmartDrive® Program is the SmartChoice for Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing

During the pilot phase, it became immediately apparent that the SmartDrive program was the right fit and superior to other systems the company considered. Some providers deliver thousands of videos each month without specific data analysis, proving to be more of a burden than a help for managers. The SmartDrive fully managed service saves managers time by providing accurate and actionable insight, allowing them to focus on the risky drivers and their specific behaviors that threaten their safety and the company’s bottom line.

In addition to results achieved, Chamberlin is quick to note that the SmartDrive team was responsive and service-oriented, delivering the support the company needed to be successful.

“For companies that are serious about identifying adverse behaviors and coaching drivers to make it a safer environment for themselves and others on the road, along with reducing litigation, losses and reducing property damage, SmartDrive is, by far, the premier program.”

Justin Lambert, Safety Director, Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing

RATP Dev USA’s drive2zeroTM Safety Management System uses SmartDrive to Visualize the Future of Safe Driving

The jolt you feel when you slam on your brakes, the way your heart races as you narrowly escape an almost accident, the quick glances you take to ensure your passengers are okay, the deep breath you release when it’s all over – it all happens in a matter of seconds. Whether by your own human error, or that of someone you share the road with, or a factor outside of your control willing this scenario in to action, many of us can relate to these sensory feelings – whether you’re the driver, a passenger, or even a bystander.

You may be thinking about your driving habits in your personal vehicle. Now think about drivers who operate vehicles over 35 ft., who transport over 30 passengers in a single trip, for hours at a time, through peak traffic – think about public transit. As the world evolves, individuals are seeking transit options that are efficient, more affordable, and most importantly, safer.

Why Clariant Oil was Ready for a Video-Based Solution

Clariant Oil Services adopted the SmartDrive® program to be proactive in its driver safety efforts with the goal to prevent accidents before they occur. With the use of SmartDrive, Clariant is confident that its fleet of drivers will continue their commitment to safe operation while providing greater transparency to driver behaviors. With the hands-on support of the SmartDrive implementation team and open communication with drivers, the Clariant fleet experienced a smooth onboarding process, further validating the decision to move forward with the leading video safety solution.

“Because of its intuitive design and ease of use, the SmartDrive coaching dashboard and driver scorecards allow us to instantaneously coach drivers on needed skills as part of a continuous improvement program. There is no doubt the SmartDrive program is taking our fleet safety to the next level.”

Dane Dorval, Regional Operations Manager, Clariant

Why the SmartDrive Program Is the Smart Choice for Clariant

Clariant knew that it did not want just cameras. It wanted a measurement and benchmarking tool that makes its drivers safer and protects both the company’s assets and the public. In addition, with a unified view of driver performance and actionable insight into risk, Clariant managers can coach drivers to improve safety skills, as well as reduce fuel consumption – improving operational results companywide.

Based on discussions with current SmartDrive customers for references and reviewing the program’s proven track record of results, Clariant management decided to forego a pilot program and install the SmartDrive Transportation Intelligence Platform with SR4 hardware across its North American Oil Services fleet of approximately 400 vehicles. The company recognized the hardware’s extremely flexible design and easy integration with other systems and devices, future-proofing Clariant’s investment as the company grows and needs evolve. Knowing that the company would not have to replace hardware each time they want to upgrade the program was another advantage.

“We know that a majority of collisions involving a truck are not the commercial driver’s fault. Technology like the SmartDrive video-based program can help create factual accident reports, thus eliminating those ‘he said/she said’ situations.”

Dane Dorval, Regional Operations Manager, Clariant

Why Oakley Transport was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Recognized for its world-class driver orientation and training program, Oakley leaders have long been confident in the skills of the company’s driving professionals, yet remained curious about behaviors associated with on-road collisions. Through a dual-camera configuration, telematics data and expert analysis, the SmartDrive safety and analytics solution delivers the visibility and insights Oakley relies on for continuous safety and operational improvement. Adoption of the SmartDrive platform underscores Oakley Transport’s commitment to be the best in the industry and align its dynamic safety culture to the requirements of the ISO certifications.

“Safety has always been our top priority and rarely do I get this excited when introducing a new technology, but the success of the SmartDrive pilot program impressed the entire leadership team at Oakley. Having the SmartDrive platform gives us confidence in our ability to comply with regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory bodies, while also fulfilling the expectations of our customers and meeting the needs of our drivers.”

Thomas Oakley, CEO, Oakley Transport


Why Fraley & Schilling was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Headquartered in Indiana, Fraley & Schilling is a premier lightweight fleet operator hauling metal products, building materials and machinery in the eastern third of the United States. Acknowledging that it is a pioneer within the transportation industry, the company is always looking for the next technology to help make its fleet safer and to protect its drivers.

Why Hub Group was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Recognized as a 2017 Great Supply Chain Partner by SuppyChainBrain and with annual honors as Intermodal Carrier of the Year from various customers, Hub Group has long demonstrated its dedication to running a safe and compliant business. As a leading multi-modal solutions provider, Hub Group counts on company assets and owner operators within its growing fleet of more than 2,600 tractors. The company has developed a reputation for its focus on safety as well as investing in the best technology to complement overall operational goals.

“Our priority is to make sure all our drivers get home safely to their families every night and introducing video-based safety technology is the logical next phase of our safety evolution.”

Jason Letchford, Senior Director, Fleet Technology of Hub Group

Why the SmartDrive® program is the Smart Choice for Hub Group

After piloting two video-based safety solutions, Hub Group selected the SmartDrive platform because of its intuitive user interface and robust safety tools, as well as the superior support from the SmartDrive customer service team. Other key factors that prompted Hub Group to choose the SmartDrive system were the quality of videos provided for review, wider camera angles, extended recording capabilities and the options available under the SmartChoiceTM program. Hub Group also noted that extended recording ensures even low or no-impact driving events are still captured and can be analyzed and made available to fleet managers. On the backend, the operations team appreciated the myriad data and reference points available, as well as the overall look and feel of the interface.

With the SmartDrive SmartChoiceTM program, fleets enjoy the freedom to choose the optimal level of video protection to fit their business.

“After evaluating options, we knew that the SmartDrive system was the best choice for us and will enable us to hit the ground running with this new aspect of our safety program.”

Jason Letchford, Senior Director, Fleet Technology of Hub Group

Why Postal Fleet Services was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Headquartered in St. Augustine, FL, Postal Fleet Services operates in 34 states, providing superior transportation services to the United States Postal Service and hundreds of Postal Area Offices. The company is dedicated to protecting the safety of employees and the general public, and to this end previously installed several advanced safety technologies including autonomous mitigation systems (lane departure and automatic braking systems) and back-up cameras across its fleet. The company most recently adopted the SmartDrive® video-based safety program, having recognized its value in preventing accidents.

Why SmartDrive Is the Smart Choice for Postal Fleet Services

Postal Fleet Services has experienced tremendous growth—108 percent over the last three years and wanted an advanced managed services to strengthen safety across its fleet. During a competitive review and SmartDrive pilot program in its St. Louis, MO service area, Postal Fleet Services improved its SmartDrive Safety Score by 85 percent within a few weeks, and successfully used video footage to exonerate drivers in three collisions—leading to cost savings that more than paid for the SmartDrive platform. The impressive results, coupled with the proactive driver coaching tools, led company leaders to choose the SmartDrive platform over competing offerings.

“The review, scoring and prescriptive analytics provided by the SmartDrive program saves our management team significant time and resources. Without this service, we would have had to hire two-to-three additional people to review recorded incidents and provide appropriate coaching to drivers.”

“The SmartDrive program tells us exactly what we need to reduce risk and exonerate drivers.”

Jeremy Collins, Director of Business and Safety Development

Maximizing the Value of their Investment

With a vast service area and new dispatch sites opening regularly, Postal Fleet Services is committed to maintaining a strong driver coaching program across all its locations. The flexibility and mobility of the SmartDrive platform perfectly supports the growing company. Coaches receive actionable data and recorded events via company-provided tablets, enabling them to provide immediate, onsite training specifically tailored to each driver’s needs. The program also supports the company’s culture of rewarding good driving skills, with drivers being recognized quarterly for consistent and improved performance, as measured by a reduction in their SmartDrive safety score.

“We have no doubt that video-based safety technology will soon be standard in the transportation industry, and are pleased to partner with a leading provider that can support our company now, as well as carry us into the future.”

“We want to make sure every driver has the necessary skills to be safe and efficient.”

Don Dorris, President

Why K-Limited Carrier was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Founded in 1997, K-Limited Carrier primarily serves the Midwest region of the United States, and specializes in transporting chemicals, acids and lubricants with a team of highly skilled industry experts and drivers. K-Limited Carrier is dedicated to adopting the most innovative and technologically advanced programs and transportation methods not only to adhere to its own strict safety standards, but also to provide impeccable customer service. The company needed a fleet safety program that reinforced the company’s safety standards and delivered immediate results.

Why the SmartDrive® Program is the Smart Choice for K-Limited Carrier

The company chose to adopt the SmartDrive safety program due to its intuitive and actionable driver coaching tools, hands-on customer support offered by the SmartDrive team, and because the solution enables the fleet to exonerate drivers and protect the company in incidents where they are not at fault.

Within the first few months of rolling out the SmartDrive program across its entire fleet, K-Limited Carrier experienced a dramatic improvement in its CSA Unsafe Driving BASIC score, dropping from approximately 32 percent prior to adoption to just 18 percent a few months after adoption. The company’s leadership team credits this improved safety performance to the valuable and actionable insights provided by the SmartDrive analytics and reporting, as well as the strong driver coaching program established based on use of the platform’s risk assessments and driver safety scores.

“For any transportation company, there’s no such thing as being ‘too safe,’ and this is especially true for a company like K-Limited Carrier that often transports hazardous materials. Working with the SmartDrive program gives us the most complete and accurate view of risk so we can coach drivers, improve their skills and prevent incidents before they occur.”

Candi Coate, Vice President, Safety and Regulatory Compliance at K-Limited Carrier

Why O&G Industries was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

As one of the Northeast’s leading providers of construction services and products that’s consistently ranked as one of the country’s top 400 construction companies for 50 years, O&G’s aggressive approach to safety ensures that everyone goes home safely. At O&G, safety is more than a slogan and starts from the top down. O&G’s senior executives have a firm commitment to ensuring the safety of everyone who touches the brand—whether it be a tradesperson working on a project site, a visitor to one of its quarries or a family that shares the road with one of its vehicles.

O&G is always looking for approaches to make its fleet the safest it can be. Understanding that a video-based safety program could widen O&G management’s field of view by providing the “driver’s perspective” of what is happening on the road and the challenging working conditions at job sites, it was time to take the next step.

“Our company operates at a fast pace. SmartDrive proved its ability to keep up—delivering insights within minutes, versus the days we waited with other solutions.”

TJ Oneglia, vice president, O&G Industries

Why Averitt Express was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

While Averitt Express has long provided drivers with compliance, safety and prevention training, it recognized the need for an effective program that would help it further improve fleet safety, decrease costs and exonerate drivers from false claims. The company looked at every aspect of safety and knew video was the only way to resolve the problems they were trying to solve:

  • Reduce the number of vehicle crashes
  • Reduce litigation and claims adjusting costs
  • Improve driver skills
  • Help with recruiting and retaining safe drivers
  • Exonerate drivers from false accusations
  • Reward safe drivers

Following a pilot program in which Averitt assessed three competitive video safety solutions, it selected the SmartDrive platform, citing its advanced video capabilities and the value of a fully managed program.

“While Averitt has long provided drivers with compliance, safety and prevention training, we recognized the need for an effective program that would help us further improve fleet safety, decrease costs and exonerate drivers from false accusations.”

David McDowell, director of risk management at Averitt

Why the SmartDrive program is the Smart Choice for Averitt Express

Reinforcing Averitt’s decision to deploy the SmartDrive platform was the SmartDrive extended recording feature, which captured 98 percent of all collisions during the trial, far more than other solutions, as well as the advanced engine control unit (ECU) dashboard that visually depicts speed, accelerometer and other critical information.

Also attractive to the Averitt team was the SmartDrive SmartChoiceTM program, which offers unprecedented flexibility to choose the optimal level of video protection to fit its business needs. The fleet opted to roll out the SmartDrive Shield™ solution, which is the only true road-facing only camera combined with on-demand video offload and easy-to-use review workflow. The SmartDrive Shield product line is ideal for carriers focused on capturing every collision, exonerating when not at fault and providing drivers the ability to record issues on the road, such as delivery verification and security incidents. The SmartChoiceTM program allows Averitt the option to scale its investment by moving up to a more comprehensive solution as requirements expand.

“We turned to SmartDrive knowing its reliable video safety and analytics platform would not only enhance driving skills, but also mitigate risk and improve the bottom line.”

David McDowell, director of risk management at Averitt

Maximizing the Value of their Investment

Since deployment across Averitt’s 4,800-truck fleet began, the company has experienced a reduction in DOT-recordable accidents, increased its subrogation collections by 15 percent, seen several million dollars in liability savings and achieved an ROI the company believes offsets the cost of equipping every tractor in the fleet for five years.

With fleet-wide adoption nearly complete, Averitt has achieved significant return on investment as a result of operational efficiencies.

“Averitt is now able to capture and analyze nearly every accident, which has had measurable impact on driver satisfaction, litigation costs and safety. We’ve been extremely pleased with drivers’ reaction. Once they clearly understood the SmartDrive system can prove they did the right thing–and protects their records and livelihood–they embraced the technology. In fact, we now tout SmartDrive as part of our recruiting effort.”

David McDowell, director of risk management at Averitt

Why Arnold Transportation was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Fleet owners today are under increasing pressure to improve operational efficiencies. It’s a performance-driven culture that Grand Prairie-Texas based Arnold Transportation—the Original Regional Carrier— knows very well. Since 1932, this full-service truckload carrier has done all it can to ensure on-time delivery of consignees’ freight. It’s a market that demands efficiency. But, does efficiency only come at a detriment to safety? For Arnold, the answer is clear—no. They knew they could improve both operational efficiency and safety, without sacrificing one for the other. And, they knew they could do so by implementing a comprehensive video-based safety program.

Why SmartDrive Is the Smart Choice for the Arnold Transportation

Committed to delivering safety to their drivers and reliable service to their customers, Arnold sought a solution that didn’t force them to budge on either front. The SmartDrive video-based safety and analytics platform was the answer.

The Smart Drive platform delivers not only real-time access to safety, fuel and operational data, but also analytic and training-support tools, which together help Arnold ensure optimal safety, without sacrificing operational efficiency. With SmartDrive technology, Arnold feels they are getting the best of both worlds—safe drivers and satisfied customers.

“Safety is at the core of everything we do; it’s not just words on a page. Safety is a required commitment from every employee and associate. Our investment in the SmartDrive program reinforces our mission by protecting our drivers and equipment, without forfeiting on-time delivery and customer service, which are critically important to the continued growth of our business.”

Mike Driggers, president of Arnold Transportation

When rolling out the SmartDrive program, Arnold management helped ensure acceptance and minimize concerns by engaging veteran drivers early on, winning their buy-in, and enlisting them to help communicate the benefits of SmartDrive to newer drivers. In addition, to stay true to the company’s long-standing safety motto—“Safety Begins with Me”—Arnold chose to walk the talk and installed SmartDrive systems not only on their trucks, but also on their management vehicles.

Maximizing the Value of their Investment

Measurable benefits have improved as expected. As safety and operational performances are up; claims and costs are down. Arnold links this success to its newfound ability to act both proactively and precisely.

But, it isn’t just the measurable benefits impacting Arnold’s success. Wide acceptance of the SmartDrive program has served to further strengthen company-driver relationships—an immeasurable benefit in today’s competitive market to attract and retain top driving talent. In fact, having seen firsthand the positive impacts of the SmartDrive program, some Arnold drivers suggest they wouldn’t drive without the system on their trucks.

“I was one of the first Arnold drivers to have SmartDrive installed. Some of my peers thought I was crazy. After a few months, I was involved in an incident in which a shipper accused me of hitting a gate. The video showed that the guard let the gate down before I cleared it. That video kept the company from paying for a gate and it kept me from being at fault! Now, I would not drive without SmartDrive in my truck.”

Dennis Hasse, 15-year Arnold driver and 25-year commercial-license holder

Why Virginia Eagle Distributing was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Anecdotal stories of phone-related collisions within fleets are becoming increasingly common. Federal regulations surrounding mobile-device use are becoming increasingly stringent. Mobile phones and driving don’t mix. The combination can be fatal. It is undeniable.

It is also preventable.

So for Virginia Eagle—the largest Anheuser-Busch beverage distributor in Virginia and a company proud of its long-standing commitment to safety and compliance—reducing mobile-device usage by drivers was the impetus for implementing a video-based safety solution.

“There’s always room for improvement where safety is concerned and we knew we had an opportunity to further reduce the number and severity of accidents across our fleet.”

Todd Hargest, director of safety and transportation for Virginia Eagle

Why Nussbaum Transportation was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Jeremy Stickling had data. As director of human resources and safety for leading truckload carrier Nussbaum Transportation, he had lots and lots of data. Fuel consumption data. Vehicle system data. Driver data. And perhaps most importantly to this 70-year old, value-centric company—safety data.

However, like many in his position, Stickling sought to do more with that data. He didn’t just want to know what was happening after the fact; he wanted to translate his data into actionable measures that would bring about real improvements for his fleet.

“Our industry is good at recognizing and measuring safety results, but we’ve never had a way to measure the skills that lead to those results. In our fleet, it was time to take video safety to the next level.”

Jeremy Stickling, director of human resources and safety at Nussbaum Transportation

So, Stickling set out to find a video-based safety solution that would allow him to link driver behavioral data to enormous amounts of data sourced from a multitude of separate vehicle systems—a decision that ultimately helped Nussbaum become the 2017 Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) Innovator of the Year.

Why Reynolds Decided to Continue its Video-Based Safety Program

Reynolds made the decision to extend the program based on both the safety improvements and financial results achieved, most notably a 30 percent reduction in collisions year-on-year, ongoing fuel consumption improvements across the fleet and a reduction in associated costs, such as insurance premiums. In addition, using the SmartDrive Assurance program to proactively coach and manage driver behavior has created a culture of safer and more anticipative driving, with the SmartDrive program delivering a two percent improvement in average mpg across the fleet in 2015.

Reynolds invested heavily in its fleet over the past few years in order to help satisfy growing demand, most notably from the casual dining sector. Throughout this growth, the SmartDrive Assurance program has helped to propagate its culture of ‘safety first’ across all areas of the business. The proactive management of the fleet through improving driver behavior is one of the key areas where a continuous focus on safety has had a significant and positive impact.

Why the SmartDrive® program is the Smart Choice for Reynolds

All of Reynolds’ drivers engage with the company’s strong safety culture. It is part of its core operational DNA and the SmartDrive program is a vital component of this. Reynolds has not experienced any problems with driver acceptance of video technology in the vehicles, predominantly as it is firmly embedded in its orientation programs. Furthermore, in many cases, it has been instrumental in exonerating ‘not at fault’ drivers and helped protect against ‘fraudulent claims.’

“We have enough data now to say that SmartDrive has made a considerable contribution to enabling us to reduce collisions, save fuel and proactively work towards minimizing our associated direct and indirect costs. It has become an integral part of our day-to-day operations and is a necessary component of our fleet management strategy, helping to ensure that our drivers are operating safely and efficiently on the road and that we are doing all we can to minimize our total cost of risk.”

– Steve White, Head of Fleet, Reynolds Catering Supplies

Why Knight Transportation was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Knight Transportation, one of North America’s largest and most diversified truckload transportation companies, undertook an extensive head-to-head evaluation of video safety programs after experiencing a sustained increase in litigation activity involving its fleet, much of which was fraudulent and costing the company time and money. With many drivers having purchased and installed their own “crash recorders” to exonerate them when not at fault in a collision, Knight conducted extensive discussions with its driver community about the value of video-based solutions. As a result, company leadership determined it was the right time to investigate solutions to meet their safety needs and business objectives.

Why the SmartDrive® Program is the Smart Choice for Knight Transportation

The pilot program aimed to assess the impact of video-based safety programs against a number of core safety and operational metrics. In each category, the SmartDrive program out-performed the other solution evaluated, and the fleet realized an 84 percent improvement in safety performance. During the side-by-side trial, a number of capabilities and performance outcomes unique to the SmartDrive platform surfaced, including capturing twice as many and a wider variety of collisions as compared to the other solution, including hard to get side-swipe and low impact collisions; a significant reduction in unsafe driving; and a substantial decrease in claims cost as a percentage of revenue. The Knight location where the pilot took place experienced the lowest claims cost in the fleet and had zero preventable DOT collisions during the trial.

Why Flagger Force was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Flagger Force is an industry leader in traffic control systems for construction and one of the fastest-growing work zone safety companies in the nation. With 1,400 employees in the field and a fleet of 1100 vehicles that serve as rolling advertisements for the brand, the company’s dedicated focus on bringing employees home safe every night has led to investments in robust safety training and technology solutions designed to reduce risk and improve driving performance. The management team continually look for new tactics, in addition to training, to protect the company’s most valuable assets—its employees and brand reputation.


Why Utah Transit Authority was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Utah Transit Authority has provided public bus service throughout the Utah Wasatch Front for over 45 years. Covering over 1,400 square miles, service areas include Box Elder, Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah and Weber counties. UTA has long been an industry leader in the use of cutting-edge technologies and services for safety, operational efficiency and optimal rider experience.  Adding SmartDrive to UTA’s overall safety program helps to better protect vehicle operators and the public while lowering operational costs.

Why the SmartDrive® program is the Smart Choice for UTA

UTA chose the SmartDrive program following a thorough evaluation of multiple vendors. UTA uses SmartDrive Safety in-vehicle recorders to capture video and vehicle data during its bus and paratransit vehicles’ daily routes. All recorded event clips go through the SmartDrive Review Center where SmartDrive’s specialists provide video analysis services including reviewing, scoring and prioritizing videos for coaching.

SmartDrive Assurance for Transit Capabilities

The SmartDrive program is architected specifically for transit agencies’ entire fleet of vehicles, with capabilities such as extended event recording, integration with on-board active safety systems and the ability to integrate with third and fourth cameras on the vehicle – a first for a video-based safety program serving the transit industry.

The SmartDrive solution provides more comprehensive capture of safety events on transit vehicles of any type including buses, paratransit vehicles, shuttles and vans – giving agencies faster insights into risk and better tools to protect passengers and the public.

Why Cypress was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Cypress Truck Lines, Inc. is a flatbed carrier headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, operating more than 500 power units throughout the United States. Family-owned and operated, Cypress takes an innovative approach to safety by treating it as a strategic component of their business. They are a company that is not satisfied with the status-quo and has proven you can invest in safety and your drivers, while also building a growing, healthy business.

The Cypress management team sought out technology to provide a deeper view of overall safety performance and to help lower collision costs by reducing the number of claims and exonerating drivers from not-at-fault collisions.


Why the SmartDrive® program is the Smart Choice for Cypress

Following an extensive evaluation process of multiple providers, Cypress selected the SmartDrive program because of its modern technology platform, flexible program and hands-on customer success team. Within weeks of implementation, the company improved its safety score by 57 percent and saw reductions in speeding and distracted driving—58 percent and 48 percent respectively. In the three years since adopting the dual-camera configuration, and with steady, sustained progress, Cypress has improved its safety score by 80 percent overall, and the fleet has reduced instances of exceeding the maximum fleet speed by 100 percent.