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Why Reynolds Decided to Continue its Video-Based Safety Program

Reynolds made the decision to extend the program based on both the safety improvements and financial results achieved, most notably a 30 percent reduction in collisions year-on-year, ongoing fuel consumption improvements across the fleet and a reduction in associated costs, such as insurance premiums. In addition, using the SmartDrive Assurance program to proactively coach and manage driver behavior has created a culture of safer and more anticipative driving, with the SmartDrive program delivering a two percent improvement in average mpg across the fleet in 2015.

Reynolds invested heavily in its fleet over the past few years in order to help satisfy growing demand, most notably from the casual dining sector. Throughout this growth, the SmartDrive Assurance program has helped to propagate its culture of ‘safety first’ across all areas of the business. The proactive management of the fleet through improving driver behavior is one of the key areas where a continuous focus on safety has had a significant and positive impact.

Why the SmartDrive® program is the Smart Choice for Reynolds

All of Reynolds’ drivers engage with the company’s strong safety culture. It is part of its core operational DNA and the SmartDrive program is a vital component of this. Reynolds has not experienced any problems with driver acceptance of video technology in the vehicles, predominantly as it is firmly embedded in its orientation programs. Furthermore, in many cases, it has been instrumental in exonerating ‘not at fault’ drivers and helped protect against ‘fraudulent claims.’

“We have enough data now to say that SmartDrive has made a considerable contribution to enabling us to reduce collisions, save fuel and proactively work towards minimizing our associated direct and indirect costs. It has become an integral part of our day-to-day operations and is a necessary component of our fleet management strategy, helping to ensure that our drivers are operating safely and efficiently on the road and that we are doing all we can to minimize our total cost of risk.”

– Steve White, Head of Fleet, Reynolds Catering Supplies

Reduction in Collisions

Improvement in Average MPG

Vehicles Outfitted

Orders Delivered Daily

Maximizing the Value of their Investment

In addition to improving driver behavior and reducing collisions, the use of video has also helped Reynolds speed claims resolution. Its insurance provider is highly appreciative of the benefits of the SmartDrive program. The company is convinced that if it didn’t have the SmartDrive program, it would have twice the accidents and would waste much more time and money in investigating and settling claims. The video-based program is a key enabler in the proactive management of risk across its fleet and the results are clearly seen in the ongoing safety, operational and financial improvements.

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