Drivers represent your biggest opportunity to improve fleet safety, optimize fuel economy and lower operational costs. But how do you achieve that goal? We provide the “missing link,” powerfully combining definitive driver performance information and vehicle systems data in easy-to-use, easy-to-implement solutions.

The result? Smarter driving. Safer fleets. Improved bottom line.

Intelligent Triggering

Quickly capture risky driving with intelligent triggering from maneuvers, sensors and vehicle system data.

Fair Process

Our team of experts reviews and scores event video using an ISO-certified process your drivers can trust.

Right Priority

Drivers are prioritized based on customizable safety scores, risk areas and your policies – saving time and improving effectiveness.

Effective Coaching

Prescriptive actions and easy-to-use workflow focuses coaching on right message/right time – improving driver performance.

Make the SmartChoice – Video-Based Safety for Fleets of Every Size

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Breakthrough Fleet Insights

Real-time Driver Performance Data
The combined power of video and analytics provides the “missing link” to measure driver performance.

Analysis and Insight
Actionable information fueled by predictive algorithms and prescriptive actions focuses on outcomes and results.

Shared Intelligence
Move beyond reporting and break down silos with insights that improve fleet safety and drive new cost savings.

Harness Your Big Data with SmartDrive SmartIQ® Transportation Intelligence

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