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Arnold Transportation

Why Arnold Transportation was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Fleet owners today are under increasing pressure to improve operational efficiencies. It’s a performance-driven culture that Grand Prairie-Texas based Arnold Transportation—the Original Regional Carrier— knows very well. Since 1932, this full-service truckload carrier has done all it can to ensure on-time delivery of consignees’ freight. It’s a market that demands efficiency. But, does efficiency only come at a detriment to safety? For Arnold, the answer is clear—no. They knew they could improve both operational efficiency and safety, without sacrificing one for the other. And, they knew they could do so by implementing a comprehensive video-based safety program.

Why SmartDrive Is the Smart Choice for the Arnold Transportation

Committed to delivering safety to their drivers and reliable service to their customers, Arnold sought a solution that didn’t force them to budge on either front. The SmartDrive video-based safety and analytics platform was the answer.

The Smart Drive platform delivers not only real-time access to safety, fuel and operational data, but also analytic and training-support tools, which together help Arnold ensure optimal safety, without sacrificing operational efficiency. With SmartDrive technology, Arnold feels they are getting the best of both worlds—safe drivers and satisfied customers.

“Safety is at the core of everything we do; it’s not just words on a page. Safety is a required commitment from every employee and associate. Our investment in the SmartDrive program reinforces our mission by protecting our drivers and equipment, without forfeiting on-time delivery and customer service, which are critically important to the continued growth of our business.”

Mike Driggers, president of Arnold Transportation

When rolling out the SmartDrive program, Arnold management helped ensure acceptance and minimize concerns by engaging veteran drivers early on, winning their buy-in, and enlisting them to help communicate the benefits of SmartDrive to newer drivers. In addition, to stay true to the company’s long-standing safety motto—“Safety Begins with Me”—Arnold chose to walk the talk and installed SmartDrive systems not only on their trucks, but also on their management vehicles.

Maximizing the Value of their Investment

Measurable benefits have improved as expected. As safety and operational performances are up; claims and costs are down. Arnold links this success to its newfound ability to act both proactively and precisely.

But, it isn’t just the measurable benefits impacting Arnold’s success. Wide acceptance of the SmartDrive program has served to further strengthen company-driver relationships—an immeasurable benefit in today’s competitive market to attract and retain top driving talent. In fact, having seen firsthand the positive impacts of the SmartDrive program, some Arnold drivers suggest they wouldn’t drive without the system on their trucks.

“I was one of the first Arnold drivers to have SmartDrive installed. Some of my peers thought I was crazy. After a few months, I was involved in an incident in which a shipper accused me of hitting a gate. The video showed that the guard let the gate down before I cleared it. That video kept the company from paying for a gate and it kept me from being at fault! Now, I would not drive without SmartDrive in my truck.”

Dennis Hasse, 15-year Arnold driver and 25-year commercial-license holder

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