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Oakley Transport

Why Oakley Transport was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Recognized for its world-class driver orientation and training program, Oakley leaders have long been confident in the skills of the company’s driving professionals, yet remained curious about behaviors associated with on-road collisions. Through a dual-camera configuration, telematics data and expert analysis, the SmartDrive safety and analytics solution delivers the visibility and insights Oakley relies on for continuous safety and operational improvement. Adoption of the SmartDrive platform underscores Oakley Transport’s commitment to be the best in the industry and align its dynamic safety culture to the requirements of the ISO certifications.

“Safety has always been our top priority and rarely do I get this excited when introducing a new technology, but the success of the SmartDrive pilot program impressed the entire leadership team at Oakley. Having the SmartDrive platform gives us confidence in our ability to comply with regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory bodies, while also fulfilling the expectations of our customers and meeting the needs of our drivers.”

Thomas Oakley, CEO, Oakley Transport


Reduced Collisions

Fuel Efficiency Increase

Per Vehicle Per Month Fuel Savings

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Why the SmartDrive® Program is the Smart Choice for Oakley Transport

Since deploying the SmartDrive program, Oakley has seen a 62 percent reduction in number of accidents and a 2.1 percent increase in fuel efficiency, which equates to approximately $84 per vehicle per month in fuel expense savings at current diesel prices. The fleet has also successfully used video footage to exonerate a driver in a collision.

“Unlike previous solutions we tried in the past, which provided video clips without any context or priority, the fully managed SmartDrive program prioritizes video for us and delivers actionable insights, ensuring our management team can direct resources quickly and appropriately to address risk.”

Thomas Oakley, CEO, Oakley Transport

Oakley taps the SmartDrive safety score and other scorecard metrics as a basis for a new driver incentive program the company recently launched. If drivers earn a SmartDrive Safety Score of 100-49, they will earn an additional 3 cents per mile, and a score of 49–0 earns an additional 5 cents per mile. This bonus program augments its existing incentive program.

“The early, impressive results we achieved, along with a tangible reduction in claims costs initially led us to choose the SmartDrive platform over competitive solutions. When you look at our accident reduction rate and fuel savings, the numbers speak for themselves.”

Thomas Oakley, CEO, Oakley Transport

Additionally, as rollout of the SR4 and the SmartDrive Transportation Intelligence Platform—with its new triggering and risk measurement capabilities—continues, the company will have the ability to fuse data from a multitude of systems, sensors and the operating environment to further boost safety and efficiency. Already, Oakley has been able to eliminate its usage of the safety critical events service from their telematics provider—saving money for the fleet.

“This investment has helped us significantly reduce risk and strengthen our culture of safety. In fact, we’ve been so thrilled with the outcomes, we signed on early to rollout SmartDrive’s newest hardware platform, SR4.”

Thomas Oakley, CEO, Oakley Transport

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