Why K-Limited Carrier was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Founded in 1997, K-Limited Carrier primarily serves the Midwest region of the United States, and specializes in transporting chemicals, acids and lubricants with a team of highly skilled industry experts and drivers. K-Limited Carrier is dedicated to adopting the most innovative and technologically advanced programs and transportation methods not only to adhere to its own strict safety standards, but also to provide impeccable customer service. The company needed a fleet safety program that reinforced the company’s safety standards and delivered immediate results.

Why the SmartDrive® Program is the Smart Choice for K-Limited Carrier

The company chose to adopt the SmartDrive safety program due to its intuitive and actionable driver coaching tools, hands-on customer support offered by the SmartDrive team, and because the solution enables the fleet to exonerate drivers and protect the company in incidents where they are not at fault.

Within the first few months of rolling out the SmartDrive program across its entire fleet, K-Limited Carrier experienced a dramatic improvement in its CSA Unsafe Driving BASIC score, dropping from approximately 32 percent prior to adoption to just 18 percent a few months after adoption. The company’s leadership team credits this improved safety performance to the valuable and actionable insights provided by the SmartDrive analytics and reporting, as well as the strong driver coaching program established based on use of the platform’s risk assessments and driver safety scores.

“For any transportation company, there’s no such thing as being ‘too safe,’ and this is especially true for a company like K-Limited Carrier that often transports hazardous materials. Working with the SmartDrive program gives us the most complete and accurate view of risk so we can coach drivers, improve their skills and prevent incidents before they occur.”

Candi Coate, Vice President, Safety and Regulatory Compliance at K-Limited Carrier

Improvement in Safety Score
Immediate Exonerations
Improvement in CSA Unsafe Driving Basic

Maximizing the Value of their Investment

With drivers on the road for weeks at a time, K-Limited Carrier has designed a driver coaching program rooted in SmartDrive analytics and risk assessments. Driver coaches stationed in each terminal provide in-person training when needed, as well as education and feedback sessions conducted via phone when swift action is needed to correct a potential safety risk. Thanks to open, frequent communication during safety meetings and in one-on-one conversations, drivers gained an understanding of the benefits of video-based safety, helping ensure the success of the program.

In addition to the swift improvements in K-Limited Carrier’s Unsafe Driving BASIC score, the SmartDrive program is also credited with benefits related to driver exoneration. In one instance, a K-Limited Carrier driver was making a wide right turn when a passenger vehicle tried to pass the truck on the right ahead of the turn. The incident was captured on video and the passenger vehicle driver was issued a citation, with no claims or citations issued against the K-Limited Carrier driver.

“The SmartDrive program allows us to reward our drivers, as well as provide specific and tailored feedback when improvements are needed. One of the biggest keys to our success has been the quality of the video footage—when drivers can see for themselves exactly what went wrong and how a problem can be corrected in the future, they’re extremely receptive and motivated to improve.”

Jack Schunk, driver safety training leader and former driver for more than 40 years

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