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Flagger Force

Why Flagger Force was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Flagger Force is an industry leader in traffic control systems for construction and one of the fastest-growing work zone safety companies in the nation. With 1,400 employees in the field and a fleet of 1100 vehicles that serve as rolling advertisements for the brand, the company’s dedicated focus on bringing employees home safe every night has led to investments in robust safety training and technology solutions designed to reduce risk and improve driving performance. The management team continually look for new tactics, in addition to training, to protect the company’s most valuable assets—its employees and brand reputation.


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Why the SmartDrive® program is the Smart Choice for Flagger Force

Co-owner Mike Doner and team turned to the SmartDrive video-based safety solution to address the challenge head-on. With incident- and manual-triggered video recording, rapid access to captured footage, insightful analytics, and easy-to-use configurable coaching tools, the program enables more informed decision making, productive performance discussions with drivers and enhanced fleet safety. Flagger Force reduced its incident damage costs by 33 percent as a result of implementing the SmartDrive video-based safety program.

“SmartDrive’s safety program gives us peace of mind, not only because we know exactly what happened in each accident, but also because we can proactively identify high-risk situations and coach our drivers to improve performance before a collision occurs.”
– Mike Doner, Co-Owner of Flagger Force

By reducing vehicle damage-related costs by one-third, Flagger Force proves that a focus on safety is great for the bottom line, and an investment in the SmartDrive video safety program delivers an immediate ROI.

Maximizing the Value of their Investment

The SmartDrive program allows Flagger Force fleet managers to monitor and coach new drivers to ensure they adhere to best practices and collaborate with veteran employees to reinforce effective habits. The SmartDrive system is a critical component of the fleet’s comprehensive safety program aimed at both new hires and existing drivers. In addition to achieving lower damage costs per mile, SmartDrive-equipped vehicles also support Flagger Force employees’ advancement along the company’s defined career path.

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