Avoid collisions in real-time and realize immediate roi

Did you know that 94% of collisions are caused by driver error while nearly 80% involve driver inattention? You can prevent the most common causes of collisions with SmartDrive, a line of intelligent driver-assist sensors and IoT solutions that identify the most dangerous driving risks and intervene with drivers before a catastrophic event occurs. By combining purpose-built sensors with computer vision, engine telematics and accelerometer data, the suite of sensors enables new levels of accurate risk identification and collision mitigation.

Time-Tested Innovation

Built on 15 years of innovation and machine learning, SmartDrive helps you understand the root cause of collisions—and near collisions—in your fleet.

Immediate In-Cab Feedback

Deliver real-time, progressive alerts to avoid distracted driving, short following, unsafe lane departures, sitting duck situations and speeding in inclement weather.

Uncover the Full Picture

Combined with analyzed video, SmartDrive reveals what computer vision, alone, does not. Coaching your drivers to improved safety has never been more effective.

SmartDrive for Sitting Duck

Lack of available truck parking is one of the top issues facing the industry, which can result in “sitting duck” situations – trucks parked in locations that put drivers and the motoring public at risk. SmartDrive for Sitting Duck:

  • Detects and reports vehicles that have stopped, parked, or stalled in a potentially hazardous location
  • Provides real-time data to assess the severity of the incident so immediate, corrective action can be taken
  • Delivers video insight into why and where the driver is stopped or parked
Sitting Duck

SmartDrive for Speeding for Conditions

23% of truck crashes occurred when drivers were traveling too fast for weather conditions. FMCSA suggests that speeds be reduced by one-third during rainy conditions and one-half during snow conditions. SmartDrive for Speeding for Conditions addresses these challenges by:

  • Measuring vehicle speed vs. a recommended, or fleet-specified, standard for safe driving in inclement weather conditions
  • Providing real-time data to assess the severity of driving too fast for conditions incidents – particularly in fog, rain or snow
  • Alerting drivers of the risks within minutes and recommending the appropriate speed for the conditions

SmartDrive For Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

A windshield-mounted, computer vision-enhanced camera designed to detect short following, forward collision, and lane departures. The in-cab driver feedback device enables driver self-coaching and real-time risk mitigation via visual and audio alerts when:

  • The driver is at high risk of getting into a collision with other vehicles
  • The vehicle unintentionally drifts from its lane
  • The distance from the vehicle ahead is less than 1.5 seconds
  • The vehicle speed exceeds the posted speed or fleet-specified threshold

SmartDrive For Inattentive Driving

An in-cab, sensor-based system that uses advanced computer vision-based algorithms to identify that the driver’s eyes are closed or the driver is looking down (such as when texting or dialing) and intervenes with drivers before a catastrophic event occurs. Combined with coaching, in-cab feedback assists drivers at the high-risk moment and helps them avoid the possibility of it happening again.

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