Sitting Duck: Unsafe Parking for Fleets

Is Your Driver a
“Sitting Duck”?

Avoiding dangerous and costly unsafe parking situations is becoming harder – putting your drivers’ lives at risk and potentially impacting your bottom line.

Truck Parking ranks #3 as one of the top issues facing the industry 1

of fatal crashes involved a parked or working large truck

Truck drivers are often forced to park
in undesignated and, in many cases,
unsafe locations due to:

Compliance with HOS Regulations

Full truck stops and rest stops

Personal breaks

Cargo or vehicle inspections

Prioritizing on-time delivery over safety

More than 52% of large fleet respondents to an ATRI survey said that truck parking was harder to find due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Sitting Duck is a dangerous practice that is viewed as a problem across many states.

  • 23 states report trucks parking along freeway shoulders
  • 24 states report trucks parking along freeway interchange ramps
  • 18 states report trucks parking on conventional highway roadsides

When a truck is parked outside of legally designated areas, a dangerous situation is made even worse when it’s nighttime and the trailer is poorly illuminated

Trucks Parked in Unofficial Parking Locations by hour 4

“Sitting Duck” collisions
and fatalities can lead to
Nuclear verdicts

Trucking Co. Blasted With $19.25M Wrongful Death Verdict 5

  • An Arizona state court jury found the trucking company is responsible for the death of a driver who lost control of his car following a tire blowout and collided with a tractor-trailer parked 12 feet off the side of an interstate highway.
  • The truck driver had other, safer places to park and violated his company’s “Sitting Duck” policy.

Enable Your Drivers to Avoid “Sitting Duck” collisions in Real-Time

With SmartDrive for sitting duck you can…

Live Report

Which drivers are stopped, stalled or parked in a potential “at risk” area right now – where and why?

Intelligent Data Alerts

How can I instruct my drivers stopped in a potential “at risk” area to call dispatch if there is an issue?

Performance Management

Are my drivers complying with my fleet’s “Sitting Duck” policy?

Risk Mitigation

How can I alert fleet managers if a driver is stopped or stalled in a potential “at risk” area for an extended period of time?

“SmartDrive for Sitting Duck technology helps us protect our drivers by alerting management that they may need help. We can then quickly advise our driver on how to handle the situation and, if necessary, provide support – or send assistance – and get them back on the road safely.”

Knight-Swift Transportation

SmartDrive for sitting duck Helps You Uncover Hidden Risk

How often are my vehicles parked or stalled in unsafe areas and where?

If a vehicle is stopped or stalled for more than 10 minutes

A video is captured and offloaded within minutes

The video can be used to resolve risky situations as they happen on the road and provide driver training

Take the next step

SmartDrive customers typically reduce collision frequency by more than 50% by capturing and coaching out
risks, changing driver culture, and improving safety with a consistent and programmatic approach.

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