Inclement Weather:
Is your fleet ready?

Speeding on a dry road is dangerous, but inclement weather makes it even more dangerous. The FMCSA prohibits truck operators from driving too fast for conditions.

of the collisions in weather occur because of speeding

weather-related truck crashes occurred in snow

weather-related truck crashes occurred in rain

Truck drivers regularly face bad weather conditions that can lead to collisions

of the nation’s roads are located in snowy regions, which receive more than five inches average snowfall annually

Poor Weather Conditions Can
Affect Even the Best Drivers

It can take up to 10 times longer to stop in snowy or icy weather.

Drivers must decrease
their speed to prevent





Collision Injuries

“From October to April, 53% of collisions were ‘speeding for conditions’ related. At 55 mph, a driver’s propensity to jackknife increases drastically.”

SmartDrive Customer

The time to act is now

Rain, Snow, Wind or Fog…
Drivers Soldier On

6 Most Treacherous Places to Drive

Truck driver fatalities as a percentage of all fatalities in each state

“North Dakota is a big place, but the only time I had problems was in the winter due to icy road conditions, coupled with the need to make good miles. The envelope was often stretched in terms of safety.”

Mick Flynn 3

Weather-related fatalities
and crashes can lead to
nuclear verdicts

Jury verdict against Werner for Texas fatal crash is the biggest in company history 4

Driver was not cited by police as at-fault. Jury found that the driver should have been driving slower for weather conditions.

Enable Your Drivers to Avoid Collisions in Real-time that May Lead to Nuclear Verdicts

With SmartDrive SmartDrive for Speeding for Conditions you can…

Live Report

Which drivers are speeding in inclement weather — right now and where?

Intelligent Data Alerts

How can I alert drivers that they are driving too fast for conditions and enable them to self-correct?

Performance Management

How are my drivers performing in inclement weather conditions? Are they getting better or worse?

Risk Mitigation

How can I alert fleet managers if a driver is in weather where they are driving too fast for the conditions?

SmartDRIVE for Speeding for Conditions Helps You Uncover Hidden Risk

Where is my drivers’ safety most impacted by adverse weather conditions right now?

How often are speeding for conditions incidents happening and in what type of weather?

Whose safety is impacted by weather and how can I improve their situation?

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SmartDrive customers typically reduce collision frequency by more than 50% by capturing and coaching out
risks, changing driver culture, and improving safety with a consistent and programmatic approach.

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