Data-Driven Decision Making Supports SMS Compliance

As FTA mandates transit operators develop Safety Management Systems (SMS) plans for Safety Compliance, smart agencies are leveraging proven technology to reduce collision frequency AND as a source of critical SMS compliance data. Data that supports everyone in your agency (from accountable executives to operators) can answer the following questions when audits or surveys occur:

When it comes to vehicle safety, video is the only way to know what’s really going on behind the wheel – providing irrefutable context in an event. With our closed-loop video-based safety program, you see your drivers’ performance in near real-time and then coach them to drive safely. Fleets have seen risk reduced by as much as 85%, along with a 50% reduction in collisions. And, video helps exonerate drivers and agencies not at fault when a collision occurs.

SmartDrive helps you answer this by collecting safety data specific to your fleet – mobile phone usage, drowsy driving, following too close, collisions and more. Which are most prevalent in your agency? Are some drivers more prone to one risky behavior than others? Or, is one risk more prevalent at one agency than another? You need to know what’s going on in your fleet so you can correct it.

When it comes to vehicle fleet safety and collision reduction, regular training, ride-alongs or driver incentive programs are important, but have limited effectiveness without video to help your driver see an incident, understand what caused it, and learn how to correct performance so it doesn’t happen again. By taking a proactive approach, you reduce future collisions, worker compensation claims and public lawsuits. Real dollars that drop to your agency’s bottom line, as well as a reliable source of critical compliance data.

Without proactive, constructive coaching and metrics to measure performance, you really don’t know how effective your vehicle safety program is. Coaching helps drivers become safer and lets them know you care about them – and their safety. Measure results, see where your problems are and correct them. Know which drivers are performing better and which need to improve (and how).

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide a clear visual of where your program stands and provide credible, unbiased performance metrics to help you manage your safety program and support your compliance requirements. Without consistent metrics, you’re flying blind and unable to document the success of your program.

SmartDrive can help you answer these questions … and more!


Our proactive video-based safety program and transportation intelligence suite drives down collision frequency and provides data you need through a closed-loop continuous improvement program – ensuring compliance with the SMS safety pillars.


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