Reducing Risk and Distracted Driving with AI Technology

Using AI, computer vision-based algorithms, and a purpose-built sensor, SmartDrive for Inattentive Driving identifies and eliminates the most dangerous risks in your fleet including drowsiness, seatbelt use, smoking, cell phone use, and inattentive driving before it becomes a collision by:

  • Immediately alerting your driver at the high-risk moment
  • Offloading video for expert review by our managed service
  • Providing scored and documented video so drivers can be coached to avoid this behavior in the future

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Jeff Griswold – Vice President of Product Management – Solera

Jeff Griswold began his career in Product Management at Solera|Omnitracs in trailer tracking and then in support of the MCP offerings and numerous other applications. At SmartDrive, Jeff assumed responsible for mobile platforms (SR3 and SR4) and the overall safety solution. Jeff has been with Solera|Omnitracs, SmartDrive and Solera for a combined 21 years – 15 in Product Management. Jeff’s current areas of responsibility include all Mobile Platforms to include OT1 Convergence and leveraging computer vision to identity and reduce risk.

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