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Superior Paving

Why Superior Paving was Ready for a Video-Based Solution

Superior Paving Corp. is one of the most respected names in paving in the Northern Virginia area. Over the years, it has expanded throughout the region to include plants that do many of the area’s biggest public road projects. Its client base has grown to include everyone from subdivision developers to school systems, as well as a bevy of smaller private pavers who buy its asphalt. Superior Paving Corp. is even well known outside of the Northern Virginia area and is considered a respected innovator in the asphalt industry nationwide.

For more than four decades, Superior Paving has been recognized for the quality of its work, strength of its leadership in the asphalt industry and innovation in new technologies and methods. A commitment to leveraging the most advanced solutions available is one reason Superior Paving selected the new SmartDrive Transportation Intelligence Platform with SR4 hardware.

“It’s not often that you see a product that can solve many problems while also creating a safer culture. After researching other platforms, SmartDrive immediately rose to the top.

From the size of the camera, extended recording capability and superior customer service, to the platform’s ability to capture more data from SmartDrive 360, insightful analytics and intuitive dashboard, there was no question that SmartDrive was the right program for us.”

Todd Atkins, safety director, Superior Paving

Why the SmartDrive® Program Is the Smart Choice for Superior Paving

Based on SmartDrive’s outstanding industry reputation, compelling customer references and proven track record of results, Superior Paving chose to forego a pilot program and installed the SmartDrive program across its entire fleet.

Other factors influencing Superior Paving’s decision were SmartDrive’s comprehensive managed service offering, accessible customer service, intuitive coaching interface and real-time delivery of video-based insights.

The SmartDrive SmartIQ® Transportation Intelligence Suite was an integral factor in Superior Paving’s decision to implement the SmartDrive program. The SmartDrive SmartIQ® Suite transforms massive volumes of data generated by commercial fleets into real-time actionable information, predictive analysis and prescriptive actions that drive measurable value for businesses. Initially, Superior Paving will use SmartDrive SmartIQ® to analyze smooth driving, hard acceleration, tight cornering and idling in order to increase fuel efficiency. As the company’s safety culture evolves, management plans to incorporate SmartDrive SmartIQ® into driver reward and recognition programs as well.

Not only will Superior use the SmartDrive program to improve safety and reduce collisions and liability, but the extended recording capability and additional cameras also help the company enhance safety—particularly with sideswipes—and ensure compliance with standard operating procedures on job sites and in their yards. It will also greatly increase fuel efficiency throughout the fleet, which equates to dollars to our bottom line.

“The compact size, expanded hard-drive and notable expansion integration options of the SR4 made a great product even better and further bolstered the wisdom of our decision to adopt the new platform. SmartDrive not only provides a best-in-class video-based driver safety solution, but its SmartDrive SmartIQ® analytics offers us completely integrated metrics and reporting in a single platform. Combined with the SR4, which offers flexibility to grow with us, we are confident we’re getting the most advanced solution available.”

Moses Greenberg, Superior Paving

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