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G & P Trucking Company

Why G & P was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Founded over 75 years ago, G&P Trucking Company’s core competency is truckload freight. G&P maintains a strong commitment to continually improving quality process, allowing them to consistently provide the best service to their customers. Driver safety, customers’ cargo, and the community in general are top concerns for the company. With these concerns in mind, G&P was looking for a video-based safety solution that provided real-time driving performance insight and analysis to improve visibility, create driver scorecards, support collision fault determination, and coach drivers.

Improvement in Safety Score

Reduction in Speeding

Reduction in Distracted Driving

Reduction in Seat Belt Infractions

Why the SmartDrive® program is the Smart Choice for G & P

The SmartDrive video-based safety program, which includes video capture and analysis, predictive analytics and a personalized performance coaching program met G&P’s needs. The easy-to-use managed service, allowed the fleet and its drivers to access and self-manage driving performance anytime, anywhere. Although the technology was only part of the answer, the key to G&P’s success was its dedicated driver improvement coach. Their approach to the data and coaching tools, combined with a personal passion for safety, was the basis of an innovative, best-in-class driver safety program that is now core to G&P’s operation.

“So as an improvement tool, video is second to none,”
– John Billingsley, Directory of Safety & Training

Maximizing the Value of their Investment

The tack G&P takes with this technology is that the driver is the one who contributes most to the safety profile – and to the risk profile – of a fleet. Safety is incentivized and rewarded at G&P. There are no punitive aspects of the event recording, safety scoring or coaching. With driver recruitment and retention a top concern for many fleets, G&P believes their model has the potential to disrupt the status quo across the industry, becoming the de facto standard.

Transform Your Fleet’s Performance with Video Insight

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