Why Decker Truck Line was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Founded in 1931, Decker Truck Line is a family-owned and operated business that has a longstanding commitment to safety, customer service and a dynamic company culture that puts employees and drivers first. As part of an effort to stay ahead of the curve in terms of advanced safety technology, Decker Truck Line adopted the SmartDrive program across its entire fleet of 800 flatbed and refrigerated trucks to protect drivers and exonerate the company in collisions where its drivers are not at fault.

Before choosing to adopt the SmartDrive program, Decker Truck Line management surveyed company drivers asking their opinions about video-based safety technology, and the vast majority were in favor of it. Management also worked with the Driver Council Committee – a group of Decker employees that includes 10 drivers who meet to discuss company processes and procedures – to get their feedback on the program. All drivers on the Council volunteered to be among the first to implement the technology in their trucks, and quickly embraced the solution, becoming advocates and resources for other drivers during program rollout.

“We really did our homework and contacted numerous SmartDrive customers about their experience, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The proven results at other fleets are incredibly compelling, and made us all the more confident in choosing to skip a trial and start protecting our drivers and assets sooner.”

Joey O’Brion, vice president of safety, Decker Truck Lines

Why Decker Truck Line Selected the SmartDrive® Program

Decker Truck Line conducted a competitive review and after speaking with multiple existing SmartDrive customers, chose to forego a pilot program and install the safety solution across it entire fleet. By skipping a trial period, Decker Truck Line was able to achieve safety improvement and driver exonerations faster, resulting in significant cost savings. With the hands-on support of the SmartDrive implementation team and open communication with drivers, the fleet experienced a smooth onboarding process, further validating the decision to move forward with the leading video safety solution.

Decker Truck Line acknowledged a key differentiator between the SmartDrive solution and competing offerings is the fully managed service. SmartDrive expert analysts review and prioritize all recorded events, allowing Decker Truck Line management to concentrate on the most important, highest risk incidents, while saving time and resources.

“I think it’s a great idea to have video safety in the trucks. Given the road conditions and areas our routes go through, trucks are always a target. This is something on our side, working to protect us.”

Sheldon McAfee, Decker Truck Lines driver, 18-year commercial driver


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