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  • ClientD.M. Bowman
  • IndustryRegional Transportation
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D. M. Bowman

Why D.M. Bowman was Ready for a Video-Based Solution

D.M. Bowman is one of the Top 200 Carriers in the Nation. Headquartered in Maryland and primarily serving the East Coast with van, bulk and flatbed transportation services, D.M. Bowman is a family-owned and operated trucking company. It was founded in 1959, is privately held and has eight terminals on the east coast.

D.M. Bowman wanted to gain full visibility of risk, including distractions and drowsiness – some of the biggest dangers in the transportation industry today. After a thorough competitive review and head-to-head pilot program, D.M. Bowman opted to deploy the dual-camera SmartDrive program. The program supports the company’s culture of safety, with frontline supervisors reinforcing this culture through driver coaching using the SmartDrive program as part of their typical daily activities. The result of their efforts is that 97 percent of coachable events are being addressed.

Reduction in Fleet Costs Year over Year

Reduction in Texting and Mobile Device Usage

Improvement in SmartDrive Safety Score

Coachable Events Being Addressed

Why the SmartDrive® Program Is the Smart Choice for the D.M. Bowman

With company leaders citing superior customer service and responsiveness, as well as the intuitive nature of the platform, D.M. Bowman selected the SmartDrive program.

D.M. Bowman began seeing results immediately during the pilot program, and the fleet’s safety score—an objective measurement of risk based on specific driving habits—has improved 215 percent since deployment. In addition, instances of texting and mobile device use have been reduced by 50 percent. As a result of fewer claims, less vehicle damage and a reduction in the number of collisions, overall fleet costs were reduced by 20 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year.

The SmartDrive program also serves as the foundation of D.M. Bowman’s driver safety program, which rewards drivers for safe performance. D.M. Bowman is looking for ways to use the SmartDrive Safety Score in their safety incentive program. The SmartDrive Safety Score, unique to each driver, offers a consistent, unbiased approach to measuring performance, setting fleet-wide benchmarks and encouraging friendly competition among peers.

“Video allows us to identify and address risks before a collision occurs, and the SmartDrive program proved to be the best solution to support our culture of safety. The SmartDrive team provided excellent support, making sure the deployment went smoothly and set us up for success. Additionally, the coaching application proved very easy to use and saves our fleet managers significant time, minimizing the impact of change on our teams.”

Barry Wertz, Director of Risk Management and Safety, D.M. Bowman

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