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Boyle Transportation

Why Boyle Transportation was Ready for a Video-Based Solution

Boyle Transportation is a specialized trucking firm that provides exceptional quality, safety, and security to select clients in the life science, defense, and government sectors. Boyle was named one of North America’s 20 Best Fleets to Drive For in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. A recipient of multiple military Quality Awards, Boyle Transportation also earned the TCA 2017 Grand Prize for National Fleet Safety.

As a driver-centric company with safety at the forefront of everything the company does, Boyle’s business decisions and investments are designed to help drivers be safe, successful and equip them to serve as brand ambassadors. The decision to adopt the SmartDrive program dovetails with this dedication to driver safety.

“So many collisions are sideswipes and are someone else’s fault. Now, with SmartDrive 360, we know what happened even when an incident occurs alongside our trucks. Two cameras are fine, but for us, SmartDrive 360 is the answer. It’s a homerun.”

Michael Lasko, Safety & Quality Manager, Boyle Transportation

Improvement to Safety Score

Reduction in Unsafe Following Distance

Reduction in Incomplete Stops at Stop Signs

Reduction in Unsafe Lane Changes

Why the SmartDrive® Program Is the Smart Choice for Boyle Transportation

Reinforcing the notion that safety is all encompassing, Boyle maximizes its use of the SmartDrive video-based safety program by taking advantage of SmartDrive 360 and SmartDrive SmartIQ® analytics. Since implementing the SmartDrive program, Boyle has achieved significant safety improvements, including a 95 percent reduction in instances of unsafe following distance, 97 percent reduction in the number of incomplete stops at stop signs and 88 percent reduction in the number of unsafe lane changes. In addition, the fleet has experienced a 90 percent improvement in its SmartDrive Safety Score, an objective measurement of risk based on specific driving habits.

From exonerating drivers against false claims and ensuring continuous improvement to on-going coaching and an innovative performance-based incentive program, Boyle relies on the SmartDrive SmartIQ transportation intelligence suite for the data that helps continually drive its safety program forward.

With SmartIQ, Boyle analyzes its idling and MPG to identify potential savings. The company has also developed an incentive program based on SmartDrive Safety Scores, allowing drivers to earn a substantial safety and performance bonus for maintaining a score below a set goal for a set period of time.

“With SmartIQ we receive much more than just video of an accident. The amount of data you receive—and that SmartDrive analyzes — is invaluable. You’re able to look at the data and figure out where there are problems—even in areas you may not even realize there was a problem. I’m not overwhelmed by the data. Rather, it helps me focus my attention so I know who to train and what to train them on. We now have the data to support our decisions.”

Michael Lasko, Safety & Quality Manager, Boyle Transportation

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