Find out how SmartDrive can help your fleet.

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Find out how SmartDrive can help your fleet

Protecting Your Passengers, Operators and Your Agency

Protecting passengers, providing a smooth ride, and complying with safety regulations are the top priorities of transit agencies. These is easier said than done, especially as ridership grows and budgets get tighter.

SmartDrive’s video based safety program eliminates the riskiest driving that leads to collisions, exonerates your operators when not at fault, and improves passenger safety. The managed service approach means you are aren’t waiting to get access to video held on your DVRs – you have immediate insight to what happened and can take appropriate action. A leader in safety programs for the transit industry, SmartDrive is installed on over 10,000 buses spanning transit agencies, paratransit and shuttle operations.


The SmartDrive Difference

  • Event Video Tuned to Transit
    Customize the program to your safety, coaching and labor policies without compromising effectiveness.
  • Fastest Access to Analyzed Video
    Immediate offload protects your operators and ensures you have video when you need it most.
  • Flexible Hardware Configurations
    A separated camera design fits unique vehicle requirements across your fleet.
  • Data that Drives Intelligence
    Get the insights you need to improve passenger safety, lower fuel costs, and unlock new efficiencies.


SmartDrive for Transit: Key Capabilities

  • Before and After Video
    A unified view of vehicle, driving and operating performance brings clarity to the incident.
  • Expert Review
    Transit driving analysts review and prioritize driving risk saving your team time.
  • Coaching That’s Mobile
    Web-based and mobile capable “3-steps to coach” workflow is a favorite of coaches and operators alike.
  • Advanced Triggering & Active Safety Integration
    Integrates with leading ADAS systems and transit equipment like wheelchair ramps, audio alerting, and more.
  • Extended Recording
    Capture hard-to-get side swipe, low impact collisions and passenger safety incidents with video on demand.
  • KPIs, Analytics & Benchmarking
    Management reports & numeric performance scores tell you where to focus and make it easy to benchmark against peers.

SmartDrive captures, reviews, analyzes real-world driving and delivers it to fleets to improve driving skills.
How it Works

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