Find out how SmartDrive can help your fleet.

We're ready to help you save fuel
and improve driving performance.

Find out how SmartDrive can help your fleet

The SmartDrive Advantage

SmartDrive focuses on driving skills. We pinpoint specific driving maneuvers and how to personally improve the driver’s performance. Our expert analysts review, analyze, categorize and prioritize the most relevant events to coach, so you don’t have to. Then, drivers are coached and improve driving skills—reducing fuel wasting maneuvers. Fleets experience reduced risk and significant tangible savings.

Why video?

Without video, it’s a guessing game on how drivers are truly performing. Video gives fleets and drivers more clarity and context to understand which areas to coach.

Why should fleets care about this?

The SmartDrive programs not only gives your visibility on what happens on the road but you will see dramatic savings within weeks.

How do I prove it works?

SmartDrive has the most actuarially-validated methodology that predicts and proves reductions in collision frequency. And, you can ask our customers. Customers, such as Ryder, Loomis, Brinks, LA Metro, CARTA, DART, Ocado and AAA have seen reductions up to 70% in collision costs.

What’s distinctive about SmartDrive’s technology?

We give you an accurate account of each video event to make the best decisions. By combining triggers from the vehicle, 3rd party sensors and video, fleets get a complete picture—identifying the root cause quickly.

SmartDrive was first to introduce key technology features that combines vehicle data and video, including: The only driving performance system to connect into the vehicle Engine Control Unit (ECU), a 96 G-force crash sensor as well as industry standard 3-axis accelerometer, and the ability to trigger from third-party telematics sensors, including ATC, lane departure and more.


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"It's an absolute no brainer...
it takes only one significant collision to exonerate yourself to pay for the entire cost of the program."

Tom Merlino
ABM, Director of Safety and
Risk Management
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