The Best Fleets are Data-Driven Fleets
Get the Data You Need to Drive Your Fleet Forward


Vehicles are loaded with sensors that deliver massive volumes of rich data. The data captured contains a wealth of insight that fleets could leverage to understand vehicle use and driver performance. Instead of overwhelming your teams, we transform data into insights that can be leveraged across your operations. Discover new, untapped opportunities that materially improve fleet efficiency and your overall financial performance. It’s time to embrace real-time transportation intelligence with SmartDrive SmartIQ® analytics.

Unbiased, Contextual and Actionable Data

Benchmark performance and quickly isolate what’s working and what isn’t. SmartDrive SmartIQ® pinpoints next steps that improve fleet performance.

Integrated Performance Management

Close the loop with safety, fuel and operational KPIs measuring whether actions were taken and if they were effective.

Flexibility You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Choose from prebuilt analytics or combine our data feeds with your own data and other third-party data.

Drive Scorecard allows you to measure driver performance across key safety, efficiency and operational metrics and identify and reward performance based on those metrics.

Measure & Boost Driver Performance

Drivers are the foundation of your fleet’s safety culture. When you have a culture focused on safety and good driver performance across your fleet, you will attract like-minded drivers. SmartDrive SmartIQ® Pro Packs for driver performance management (Driver Scorecard, New vs. Tenured Drivers Analysis, Driver & Vehicle Journey) provide the essential data you need to build a strong safety culture that will help you develop and retain better, safer and more professional drivers.

Optimize Fuel Economy & Lower Idling Expenses

Fleets are under constant pressure to find new savings opportunities to keep costs low. By simply reducing fuel costs by even a half percent, your profit margins can climb. SmartDrive SmartIQ® Pro Packs for optimizing fuel economy (Idling Analysis, Fuel Efficiency, Speed Bracket Analysis) can help you identify driver behaviors and root causes behind excessive fuel and idling expenses.

Improve fuel efficiency and savings through analytics

Pinpoint new efficiency improvements through analytics

Gain Visibility into Fleet Operations

You take getting freight to your customer’s door on-time and incident free very seriously – unexpected delays can add up to one big blow to your fleet’s bottom line. SmartDrive SmartIQ® Pro Packs for optimizing fleet operations (Site Scorecard, Safety Score Improvement, Collision, Near Collision, Interactive Safety KPI Report, Top Movers by Safety KPI’s) help you quickly identify underutilized vehicles/drivers as well as misuse of vehicles so that you can operate at peak efficiency.

Related Products and Services

SmartDrive SmartIQ® Streams

Data feeds of drivers, vehicles, operations and driving performance data are collected by SmartDrive video analytics to use with third-party intelligence solutions.

SmartDrive SmartIQ® Pro Services

Professional services for custom analytics and visualization development by transportation intelligence experts provides an added resource for your team.

A Powerful Addition For All Fleets

Now every fleet has a better way to protect – and predict – with transportation intelligence.

“SmartDrive SmartIQ® is the only solution that delivers granular data; incorporates a variety of safety, fuel and operational data; and makes it easy to incorporate resulting insights into our business.”

Jeremy Stickling
Director of Human Resources and Safety, Nussbaum Transportation