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Immerse yourself in the story behind your data to understand what is happening across your fleet, why it is happening, and predict what is likely to happen next.

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As more technologies are added to trucks, they are producing more and more data. SmartIQ analytics provide a simple, intuitive, and collaborative way to visually interact with the data captured by your vehicles, telematics, and SmartDrive SmartRecorder™ to tackle hard-to-solve problems facing Safety, Operations, Finance, HR and C-level executives in your fleet. SmartIQ brings industry-proven, actionable analytics to fleets of any size—at a fraction of the cost of developing similar capabilities in-house. We invite you to explore the product tours below and learn how an analytic solution can deliver game-changing insights to everyone in your fleet.

Knowing how to improve or maintain safety performance is essential to your fleet’s success. With SmartIQ analytics you can:

  • Identify and eliminate risky driving performance
  • Measure and ensure coaching effectiveness
  • Reward your safest drivers and incentivize others to improve their performance

Fuel is one of, if not, the biggest expenses in running a fleet. Every penny saved on fuel drops directly to your bottom line. With SmartIQ analytics you can:

  • Pinpoint fuel-inefficient drivers and coach them as needed
  • Identify root causes behind excessive idling expenses
  • Uncover improper vehicle use and habitual speeders

Good driving should be recognized and rewarded. Best-run fleets are using their data-driven reward program as a differentiator to attract and retain quality drivers. With SmartIQ analytics you can:

  • Measure driver performance across key safety, efficiency and operational metrics
  • Determine drivers’ eligibility for your incentive program based on 70+ video-based safety observations
  • Identify top drivers and reward performance based on metrics that matter

Fleets of all sizes are generally experiencing increases in insurance pricing due to factors that range from risky driving to rising jury verdicts. With SmartIQ analytics you can:

  • Reduce risking driving and show your improved safety record to negotiate lower premiums
  • Simplify IFTA reporting
  • Eliminate excessive fuel and idling expenses

All fleets are not created equal. But, fleets of every size can gain competitive advantage by harnessing the value of their data and unlocking insights that lead to net new opportunities and improved business outcomes. With SmartIQ analytics you can:

  • Provide access to safety, fuel consumption and driver productivity data to everyone in your fleet
  • Identify areas where you are doing well and/or underperforming
  • See how your fleet’s safety performance compares to peers in your industry

Immerse Yourself in the Story Behind Your Data

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