Video-Based Safety: More Than a Dashcam

Video-based safety systems can help facilitate driver exoneration and improvements in driver performance, improve customer service, and lower operating expenses.

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This informative eBook will walk you through all the choices available and what to consider when weighing options between the various video-based safety solutions. Download the ebook to learn:

When drivers are involved in an accident that’s not their fault, we’re not wasting time or money fighting claims, because we can prove exactly what happened with video. We’ve already found that these exonerations are paying for the system.

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Download the Introduction to Video-Based Safety to learn how you can benefit from increased visibility of your fleet.

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Ken Humphries
VP, Safety & Employee Relations, Schilli Corporation


How to get the most out of your safety solution without adding personnel.

Knowledge is power, and this eBook will arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision in your fleet’s safety needs.


What computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning mean and how they can accelerate your safety program.

How to prevent plateaus or up-swings in risk with video-based safety.

The headache-free way to converge data across drivers, vehicles and environments for actionable insights.

Key features, configurations, and more to consider in a video safety solution.


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