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  • ClientSunstate Carriers
  • IndustryRefrigerated Truckload
  • Fleet Size150

Sunstate Carriers

Why Sunstate Carriers was Ready for a Video-Based Solution

Based in Florida, Sunstate Carriers operates 130 power units with 150 refrigerated trailers; it specializes in transporting temperature-controlled, time-sensitive products. As a customer service-oriented company, Sunstate is committed to safety and efficiency, and recognized the power of the SmartDrive platform to reduce collision frequency, boost driver performance, exonerate drivers when not at fault and impact the bottom line.

Having first-hand knowledge of the results the SmartDrive program can provide, Sunstate management skipped a lengthy pilot program and opted to install the safety solution across its entire fleet to begin immediately protecting its drivers.

“Having tested multiple video-based safety systems at another company and selecting the SmartDrive program due to its ease of use, customization and near-immediate results, I didn’t hesitate to implement it at Sunstate without a pilot.”

Josh Fulmer, vice president, Sunstate Carriers

Why the SmartDrive® Program Is the Smart Choice for Sunstate Carriers

Sunstate liked the ability to start with an exoneration-focused product that fits its fleet’s needs today and then allows the company to move to a proactive safety and coaching program when it is operationally ready. The combination of SmartDrive’s easy-to-work-with single platform and the exceptional customer service minimized the changes for the team and allowed Sunstate to see results immediately.

Drivers throughout the fleet were accepting of video-based safety. Sunstate knew that its drivers were already putting cameras in their vehicles and were familiar with the technology. As a result, drivers throughout the fleet were accepting of video-based safety. The drivers understood that the system was designed for their own safety, first and foremost, and that the company was using the program to know what caused a critical event. If a driver’s habits or actions need to change, they knew their managers would be coaching them to help ensure it does not happen again.

“We’ve already had two accidents that were not our fault. All we needed to do was send the video to the other companies and they paid the damages. With the explosion of monster settlements in Florida, I’m glad we have the SmartDrive program to protect us and support our safety culture.”

Josh Fulmer, vice president, Sunstate Carriers

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