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Why Bozzuto’s was Ready for a Video-Based Safety Program

Based in Cheshire, Connecticut, Bozzuto’s has provided goods and services to independently owned retailers in New England for 70 years. Bozzuto’s operates large tractor trailers in residential areas, on congested city streets and busy freeways, with tight delivery parameters, and as a result, their risk of incidents—especially side swipes and backing collisions—is high.
With a strong focus on customer service, Bozzuto’s recognized that its success in transportation and warehouse operations depended on a strong safety culture, leading to deployment of SmartDrive’s video-based safety solution across its fleet of 250 vehicles.


Why the SmartDrive® Program is the Smart Choice for Bozzuto’s

During the first six months of deploying the SmartDrive video-based safety solution, Bozzuto’s experienced a 53 percent reduction in CSA Unsafe Driving Measure—indicating a decrease in driver distraction and seat belt violations, as well as better speed management and adherence to traffic conditions. Over the lifetime of the program, Bozzuto’s has seen a remarkable 95 percent reduction in CSA Unsafe Driving Measure.

Reduction in CSA Score

Degree View Protection

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Integrated Cameras

Maximizing the Value of their Investment

In response to requests from drivers that the company incorporate additional blind-spot cameras, Bozzuto’s extended its existing SmartDrive deployment of cab- and road-facing views to add side view cameras. With 35% of collisions being side and rear incidents, the enhanced visibility down the sides of the vehicle and trailer provides even more insight to incidents and the situations drivers face every day, ensuring maximum protection of drivers and fleet assets.
The additional perspective delivered by SmartDrive 360 has already highlighted Bozzuto’s drivers’ defensive driving skills and ability to avoid collisions. In one instance, a passenger vehicle on a congested highway lost control of his vehicle and nearly collided with a Bozzuto’s truck. The SmartDrive 360 video captured a perspective not possible without additional cameras, showing that the Bozzuto’s driver swerved to evade the passenger vehicle, preventing a collision. This capability led to drivers’ support of the program early on and was a key factor in their request for more cameras.

“Our drivers recognized, early on, that more cameras equal more protection. While I know many fleets are concerned about driver reaction to video, our drivers not only loved SmartDrive’s program when we had cab- and road-facing cameras, they asked for more video when given the opportunity.”
– Tom Halpin, Transportation Safety Manager, Bozzuto’s

The flexible architecture of the SmartDrive system allowed Bozzuto’s to leverage the platform they initially adopted in 2011 to add the 360 program in 2016, demonstrating the innovation all fleets can take advantage of without the need for a costly hardware ‘rip and replace.’ The addition of side cameras, to supplement the cab- and road-facing cameras, provides a broader perspective of what happened around and behind the vehicle when an incident occurs.

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