You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See

Get better visibility with the best fleet camera system

Lower your Risk,
Protect your Drivers and Improve your Bottom Line.

In today’s world of huge insurance payouts, rising rates and fuel prices, a dashcam alone is just not the fleet camera system you need. 80% of accidents are cause by passenger vehicles, but motor carriers are found liable more than 90% of the time.

As an improvement tool,
video is second to none.”

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Download our “5 Great Reasons” Guide and learn how a managed safety program provides more value than dashcams alone.

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John Billingsley
Director of Safety & Training, G&P Trucking

Choosing the best commercial truck camera system is one of the most important decisions that fleet managers and owner-operators make. Download our guide on how the right video-based safety system can protect your fleet, drivers, and business:

Incidents automatically trigger the monitoring system to save that clip from the camera


In an accident, video evidence is your best defense


Save time, fuel, and money, while increasing safety

Whether you need an 18-wheeler camera system, delivery van system, or system for any fleet type, our “5 Great Reasons to Add a Video-Based Safety Program to Your Fleet” guide can help you make the right decision. Download it for free today. 

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